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Nail Abnormalities Chicago

What are Nail Abnormalities?

Nail abnormalities are when a person has problems with the color, shape, texture, or thickness of the fingernails or toenails. These problems may include discoloration, raised ridges on the nail, pitting of the nail beds, brittle nails, or streaks or spots on the nails.

Some common nail abnormalities include ingrown nails, yellow nail syndrome, clubbing, Onycholysis, Onychogryphosis, Lichen planus, and onychomycosis.

What causes Nail Abnormalities?

Abnormalities of the nail are often caused by skin disease and infection, but they can also be a side effect of general medical conditions. Nail abnormalities may arise after injury to the area, after illness, or due to malnutrition. Older persons are more susceptible to nail abnormalities. Chronic picking of the nails or nail polish use can cause issues.

It is also possible to have a fungal infection or bacterial infection in the nails.

How can I treat Nail Abnormalities?

Once diagnosed, nail abnormalities may be treated with over the counter or prescription topicals and medications. These can help strengthen the nail or clear up any infections. It is also good to keep the nails short and free of nail polish. Avoidance of picking or biting is best, and wearing shoes that do not squeeze the toes together is also ideal.

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