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Allergy Patch Testing Chicago

What is the True Test Allergy Patch Test?

If you experience redness, irritation, or itchiness and aren’t sure what causes it, you may be a good candidate for allergy patch testing at Pinski Dermatology.

We recommend this test for a patient whose dermatitis persists and does not improve with treatment or has an unusual pattern or distribution. However, the patch test can only be applied to healthy skin that is not irritated.

How does the Patch Testing work?

We use the True Test patch test to identify what specific allergies you may have. The patch test panels are applied at your first visit, and then we will have you return two days later and then again two more days later for the final reading. This way we can see if the skin is reacting to any of the allergens and we can determine which you may be allergic to. We typically like to apply the test panel on a Monday, and see patients back on Wednesday and Friday the same week.

What does the True Test test for?

The True Test tests for 36 different allergens.

Some examples of allergens we test for include:

  • Nickel
  • Fragrance
  • Parabens
  • Gold
  • Bacitracin

What do I need to know before patch testing?

  • Multiple visits are required
  • Loose clothing should be worn during the testing
  • Test sites may be itchy and uncomfortable
  • Oral corticosteroid medications need to be stopped temporarily
  • No showering (sponge baths only) because T.R.U.E. TEST must be kept dry
  • Vigorous exercise must be avoided and other activities may be limited
  • A flare-up of dermatitis elsewhere on their body may occur
  • Patients should contact their doctor if reactions become severe

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