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Patient Testimonials

I had a persistent skin issue that was failing traditional care thorough my primary. I knew from previous experience at Dr. Pinski’s office that this physician would be able to diagnose my condition – and he did just that! Along with his expertise, he also has an excellent, sincere bedside manner. He has helped other members of my family as well. I appreciate all of my care from the entire staff.

— Kathleen T. (Patient since 2019)

The staff was very friendly and the doctor knew exactly how to help me! Very accommodating and overall good experience!

— Alec C. (Patient since 2019)

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Pinski and his staff. From the minute you walk in at the front to the attentive back office where they are so kind. You are made comfortable, you feel like you are part of their family. Not to mention top notch care and dedication. I am so pleased with the excellent care I received.

— Kimberly F. (Patient since 2019)

I am always pleased with what I do with Dr. Pinski. He provides very fine service. Because I am so much older than most of the patients that I see in the office, I sometimes feel embarrassed, and wonder if other “senior people”, over 75 are still considering treatment, or if I am somewhat of a minority. At any rate, Dr. Pinski’s treatments are top notch, and I want to continue what I am doing with fillers.

— Carole C. (Patient since 2017)

The staff was amazing! Lisa was such a great nurse walking me through all questions and recommendations she had. Dr. Pinski was so patient with me and explained why he was recommending what he was. The staff repeatedly apologized for being a bit backed up, and it was only about 20 mins. I felt extremely welcomed and the staff made me feel comfortable asking the questions I did.

— Kaylie W. (Patient since 2019)

The staff is professional, kind and accommodating.

— Kristen B. (Patient since 2017)

From the minute I called to make an appointment everyone was warm and welcoming. Loved that I didn’t have to wait a year to get in to see someone.

— Mary R. (Patient since 2019)

I feel like the microdermabrasion and dermasweep procedures have definitely improved my skin. Staff is friendly and I got in to my appointment on time. No negatives here.

— Julia M. (Patient since 2018)

I am very pleased with my visits here. I find it to be commendable that whether in the waiting area or exam room, I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes. I am a patient of Dr. Sulewski and he is always very friendly, informative and shows sincere concern. I came to the office with an acne issue, Dr. Sulewski was able to get my acne under control, and now my face looks great! I live in Indiana, but I don’t mind taking the drive or train ride to come here.

— Michelle W. (Patient since 2019)

Excellent treatment Dr and assistant explained everything in detail

— Carole R. (Patient since 2017)

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