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Aerolase Chicago

What is Aerolase Laser used to treat and am I a good candidate?</3>

The Aerolase LightPod Neo laser offers patients incredible results with quick, comfortable, no-downtime treatments for all skin tones and types. We use this laser to treat acne, as well as photo damage and skin rejuvenation/tightening. Aerolase is perfect for those who have struggled with clearing their acne by using traditional methods or medications.

What are the benefits of Aerolase laser and how does it work?

A highly powerful yet gentle beam of light superheats the sebaceous gland and its surroundings to effectively destroy the bacteria to leave your skin clean, smooth and acne free.

The LightPod Neo also offers a uniquely noninvasive skin rejuvenation & tightening treatment to stimulate healthy collagen and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. Only a beam of laser light touches the skin for the most pleasant treatment available.

How many treatments will I need?

A series of treatments will be recommended depending on the condition of the skin. Treatments are spaced 1-4 weeks apart depending on aggressiveness of treatment plan.

What type of results will I see?

Acne patients will see a reduction in frequency and severity of breakouts, as well as decrease in redness/irritation in the skin.

When treating for skin rejuvenation, this treatment will help firm healthy skin, get rid of any vasculature and spots as well as help fill in wrinkles without any patient downtime.

Is there any downtime associated with this procedure?

There is minimal downtime associated with this procedure. Skin may appear slightly pink after, but makeup can be applied and normal activities can be resumed 24 hours after. If treating darker pigmented spots, spots may darken before fading or sloughing off.



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